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Exclusive Offer

New clients receive 15% OFF their first visit. * *Office Visit-Exam Only (does not apply to any additional services, vaccines, medication, etc.)

  • Preventative Medicine Programs
    • Yearly exams and vaccinations
    • Dental exams and flotation of teeth
  • Regulatory Work
    • EIA (Coggins) testing
    • Certificate of Veterinary Inspection (Health Paper)
  • Reproductive Programs
    • Evaluation of reproductive cycle via ultasound
    • Pregnancy Diagnosis via ultrasound
    • Management of Problem Breeders
    • Artificial Insemination
  • Lameness Evaluations and Treatment
    • Portable Radiography with on-farm processing
    • Joint injections
    • Arthritis and Chronic Pain Management
    • Therapeutic Laser Therapy
  • Stallion Castration
  • Wound Management
    • Laceration repair
    • Therapeutic Bandaging
    • Therapeutic Laser therapy
  • Diagnosis and Treatment of Various Diseases using various medication, including immunotherapy
    • Diagnosis and Management of Cushings Disease
    • Diagnosis and Management of Equine Metabolic Syndrome