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Adult Stem Cell Therapy

Stem Cell Therapy and PRP therapy

We were Ohio's first MediVet Stem cell unit. Now they have developed a New step down therapy for arthritis which is referred to as PRP therapy or platelet rich protein therapy. This procedure is done in the office with your pet able to return home in a few hours. No surgery is involved with this procedure. We are seeing very good results from this with decreased pain and increased activity for your pet.

Stem cells are the basic building blocks of life, the cells upon which tissue grows and bodies are built. Adult stem cell regenerative therapy can rejuvenate and lengthen the quality of life for adult dogs and cats suffering from osteoarthritis, hip dysplasia, and ligament and cartilage injuries and other similar ailments. This technology is also being successfully used in horses as well. This treatment uses the animal's own stem cells to heal its body. Stem cells play an integral part in wound healing and regeneration of body organs and tissue at the cellular level.


A sample of fat is surgically removed from the dog or cat under a general anesthesia and then processed to obtain stem cells.

This process of obtaining stem cells from fat is a 2-3 hour procedure that is done in the clinic by our technicians after the veterinarian has retrieved the adipose tissue.


There is no need to ship samples to an outside laboratory and wait days for the cells to be returned for injection on a second visit. This quicker process provides increased stem cell counts up to 400 percent greater than other methods, and therefore a more effective treatment. The surgery, harvesting, and administering of stem cells are performed by our veterinarians in our clinic all on the same day! Your pet is ready togo home that same afternoon. While your pet is resting comfortably after the procedure, the stem cells are separated, laser activated, and then injected directly back into the affected joint or infused intravenously. Within two to three weeks owners are reporting an improvement in their pet's activity level and a decrease in pain level with a decrease need for pain medication.


Since the adipose tissue is extracted from the animal's own body, the process is entirely "natural" with no foreign tissue utilized. There are no problems with cell rejection, disease transmission or side effects.

We at Animal Hospital of Tiffin are pleased to offer this technology to our clients and their pets and was the first veterinary clinic in Ohio to offer this particular procedure. We feel that this procedure which is the newest generation of Stem Cell Therapy is a new modality of treatment with advanced technology in separating the stem cells from fat cells, utilizing plasma rich protein and platelet factor protein as well as deriving stem cells from fat tissue. While other veterinary hospitals may still use older and more costly and time consuming methods, Animal Hospital of Tiffin has invested into the latest technology to bring this healing modality to as many patients as possible.

The highest level of stem cells are derived the from the animal's own fat tissue as opposed to bone marrow or embryonic sources. Because of higher levels of stem cells collected we are able to cryopreserve future treatments for the animal. For one of our patients we were able to preserve 10 vials for future treatments. Anticipated need for retreatment is estimated to be between 1 to 2 years.

If you would like to learn more about this exciting new technology please contact Animal Hospital ofTiffin at 419-455-0470 and one of our veterinarians will be happy to discuss this with you.

MediVet America is leading the race in animal stem cell technology, research and treatment.