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Ear Crop Information

Ear crop surgery is often requested for several different common breeds, such as Boxers, Doberman Pinchers, Great Danes, Pit Bulls, and Schnauzers. While ear trim surgery is considered to be completely elective and cosmetic, many pet owners request the procedure out of convention and personal preference.

If you have made the decision to have your pet's ears trimmed, Dr. Bob McClung can and will provide the surgical procedure after examining your dog and discussing the different types of ear trims. He encourages you to bring pictures as to what you want the ears to look like. Dr. McClung has over 40 years experience in ear trim surgery. We will provide general gas anesthesia, surgery performed with the surgical laser, post-op pain control, antibiotics, and after surgery follow up care and taping. He prefers to do the surgery at 12 weeks of age.

If you are considering this procedure, here are a few important things to remember. First, your puppy will need to undergo this procedure at about 12 weeks of age. He/she will stay with us a minimum of 2 nights in the hospital after the procedure. After the gas anesthesia is administered the ears are measured, and cut using a CO2 surgical laser. The laser minimizes pain and controls bleeding. The cut edge is then sutured, and the ears are taped to provide support to both ears in an upright position. Your pup will be monitored and kept in the hospital for 2 nights to prevent excessive exercise and movement that could contribute to bleeding from the cut edges. He/she will be discharged the second day after surgery. You will receive instructions for post op care, pain control and antibiotics.

A post op recheck is scheduled with sutures removed at day 10-14 post op. Retaping is done as needed. If at any time following surgery there is a problem, Dr. McClung needs to see your pup the next working day.

Please call our office at 419-455-0470 to make an appointment for a complete physical exam and to discuss the procedure. Please bring any veterinary medical records, vaccination history, or medical problems known to you.