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Veterinary Immunotherapy as a Powerful Treatment Ally

A Strategy for Teaching Your Pet's Body to Respond to Cancer

Immunotherapy is a basic treatment option for pets diagnosed with cancer. It begins with the selective boosting of the animal’s immune system, to train the animal’s body to respond to cancerous cells as it should. At Animal Hospital of Tiffin in Tiffin, OH, we take an integrated approach to cancer to boost the benefits of treatment and reduce the difficulties involved. Immunotherapy is an excellent approach when cost or stress is a factor and provides an ongoing treatment that owners can perform at home. Nutritional and peptide-based ingredients in the treatment are formulated to address the immune systems of pets with cancer and adjusted to provide the best results in each of the four stages of life.

Taking a Low-Stress, Veterinarian-Tested Approach to Cancer Treatment

Stress in itself can cause significant harm to the body. As it calls on a variety of biological responses to respond to external challenges, it diminishes the ability of the body's systems to respond to internal problems, from infections to malignant cell growth. Many of the cancer treatments can be stressful for pets and their owners. In some cases, tumors are located where simple removal by surgery is not a good option. Immunotherapy, as part of an overall integrated cancer treatment regimen, helps produce optimum results not only by increasing immune response but by helping to reduce stress on your pet, an important factor in helping them return to health.

Improving Your Pet's Overall Wellness with Immunotherapy as a Treatment Choice

While our selection of treatment modalities to remove cancers is constantly growing, surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy are only one part of the equation. Your pet's body has many resources which, when properly supported and directed, can make a big difference in reducing and removing cancer growths, keeping your beloved pet in remission, and providing an additional barrier to the spread, or metastasization, of cancerous cells. We offer additional advice and products to help you feed and care for your pet in the best way possible during this stressful time.

Choosing Your Pet's Treatment—Contact Us for Help and Support

At Animal Hospital of Tiffin in Tiffin, OH, we know that an integrated approach to cancer care enlists your pet's natural defenses in coordination with traditional cancer care methods. Our team includes veterinarian treatment planning specialists who can help create a specific plan of action as we work together with you to get results. Call us at 419-455-0470 to make an appointment for immunotherapy or any other of your pet's veterinary needs.