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Ophthalmic (Eye) Surgery


Entropion is a rolled in eyelid where the eyelashes/fur is rubbing the surface of the eye and causing pain and trauma to the eye. Ectropion is when the eyelid rolls out, which doesn't allow the tear film on the surface of the eye to stay healthy and keep the eye hydrated. These surgeries are delicate and performed on many patients each year to allow them to have less pain and better vision. Not correcting these problems can lead to permanent damage to the eye and even blindness.

Grid Keratectomy

A grid keratectomy is performed when a corneal ulcer is not healing properly. This most commonly occurs in certain breeds of dogs, such as Boxers and English Bulldogs. Patients are sedated and the eye is numbed with numbing drops and the ulcer is scraped in order to encourage healing factors and blood vessels to come to the area and heal the ulcer.

Cherry Eye

A cherry eye (proposed 3rd eyelid gland) is common in certain breeds and usually develops by the time they are a year old. You will see a ball of red tissue at the inside corner of the eye. We offer multiple types of surgery to correct this defect, including removal of the gland or replacing the gland into its proper position in the eye. Each procedure has it benefits and downfalls, and we will discuss these with you in depth and decide which is best for your dog.


Sometimes after a traumatic event, severe and painful eye disease, or tumors in the eye, it becomes necessary to remove a pet's eye. We take great care to ensure all other avenues are pursued before recommending this surgery, but if the surgery is needed, we can help your pet make the transition. This surgery is performed under general anesthesia and patients spend 1-2 days with us following surgery. Patients also go home with an e-collar to prevent them from scratching at their stitches. You would be surprised at how well pets do with only one eye, or even no vision. They really are amazing creatures!