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Pet Medical Services

Your pet is part of the family. That means you'll do whatever you can to take care of him and make sure he remains healthy and happy. To do that you will need to take your pet in to visit the vet from time to time for veterinary care. Whether this is to catch up on his shots or because he has fallen ill, visiting the vet is a crucial aspect of owning a pet. However, not all vets are the same. Whether you own small animals or large animals, you'll want to find a vet that you and your pet feel comfortable with. At the Animal Hospital of Tiffin, you'll meet our wonderful staff and carrying vets who want nothing more than to please you, your pet, and to make sure your pet lives a long and healthy life.


General Well-being

Just like how you need to visit your primary healthcare provider once or twice a year, it is a good idea to have your pet come in and see the vet every six months or so. This will help keep your pet up to date on his shots and vaccinations. It will also help with improving his overall quality of health and identify potential problems before these minor health issues become far more serious. Plus, by visiting your vet a few times a year, it will help your pet grow more accustomed to seeing the vet, which is always a good thing.

Emergency Services

Hopefully, you never find yourself in this kind of situation, but if you do need emergency pet services you can bring him to the Animal Hospital of Tiffin. Rush attention is available, so whether he has ingested something or had an accident, the staff at Animal Hospital of Tiffin is ready to provide you with exceptional pet services. If you have additional questions, you can always contact our staff and we will further address any concerns.

Schedule Your Appointment Today

It is always a good idea to develop a relationship with your local veterinary service provider before any possible emergency visits. This way, your vet will have a complete medical background of your pet and possess a better understanding of who you are, who your pet is, and what he needs for his current condition. You can begin doing that by scheduling an appointment with the Animal Hospital of Tiffin. It doesn't matter if you have small animals or large animals when it comes to exceptional pet services for you and your pet, the staff is here to help. Call us at 419-455-0470 to schedule an appointment.