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Unbeatable Veterinary Services in Tiffin, OH

Our pets mean the world to us. Whether we’re traveling or going for a quick walk, our beloved animals are always right by our side. That being said, dealing with pet health concerns can be very stressful. To ensure that your pet is well-protected from disease, sickness, and other health concerns, you should work with a vet hospital like Animal Hospital of Tiffin. We are proud to offer very best veterinary services to those in Tiffin, OH, and the surrounding areas.

Preventative Care

While it’s vital to see a veterinarian once your pet is sick or has an injury, it is also necessary to take preventative measures for his health. That way, you can prevent an illness or a serious condition before it even arises in your pet. We are happy to offer many preventative services so your pet can stay healthy.

Pet Surgery

Sometimes, pet surgery is inevitable, and while this may be a stressful time for you, it is even more traumatizing for your pet. Here at our vet hospital, we have the best interest of your animal’s health. Have peace of mind knowing that your pet’s care is in good hands with our experienced veterinarians.

Dental Care

The mouths of pets are breeding grounds for harmful germs, which could lead to many health complications. At Animal Hospital of Tiffin, we are proud to offer pet dental exams and cleanings to ensure your animal is healthy from the inside out.


Whether you're taking a business trip or going on vacation, the best thing to do for your small pet is to board him. Not only will your animal enjoy his stay with us, but he will also have a place to feel safe and comfortable when you are away from home.


Unfortunately, not many pet owners think about grooming their animals daily. Grooming is an essential part of health care that pets benefit from in many ways. Give your pet a clean, healthy coat by scheduling an appointment with our groomer today.

Make An Appointment Today For Any One Of Our Many Veterinary Services

If you want to ensure your pet stays healthy for many years to come, then be sure to schedule a health checkup at Animal Hospital of Tiffin. We have trained and experienced pet care professionals who would love to meet you and your beloved pet. From our sophisticated pet care technology to our trusted and dependable veterinarians, we’re your one-stop-shop for exceptional veterinary services. Reach out to us at 419-455-0470 to make an appointment.