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Boarding Services

Planning a trip and can't take your pet? Don't worry.  Our staff will provide your cherished family member with loving and attentive care while you are away.  You can even schedule for your pet to be groomed by our groomer before they return home!

Cats and dogs enjoy spotlessly clean and comfortable accomodations. Each boarder receives special attention throughout their stay. Dogs get walked multiple times throughout the day. Cats relax in our cat condos in a cats-only room featuring a private litter box.  You may bring toys for your pets to enjoy during their stay as well.  You may bring your own food for your pets, or they will be fed a prescription diet designed to be gentle on the stomach.

For your pet's safety and comfort, Animal Hospital of Tiffin is protected during power outages by an automatic generator that keeps all systems running smoothly in case of power outages.  Your pet is kept warm during the winter and cool during the summer even if the power should go out.

Every pet is monitored closely for signs of stress or illness during their stay with us. If your pet should become ill, our doctors are able to step in and start treatment immediately. We can also administer any medication your pet may need as part of his stay as well as monitor your pet's customary diet.

For your pets' protectection and for the safety of all our boarders, we require proof of vaccination for dogs and cats. All pets must be free of external parasites (fleas and ticks) when admitted or must be treated upon admission at owner's expense.