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Integrative Cancer Care

We provide cancer care that covers several aspects of cancer cell division and destruction.  Dr. Bob has had a unique interest in this area for many years and enjoys attending seminars and conferences dedicated to helping our cancer patients live longer with improved quality of life.  We use a multi-pronged approach tailored to each pet and each cancer based on many factors, both patient and client-centered.  We understand that many owners do not have the resources or desire to have chemotherapy or radiation treatments for their pets and unfortunately not all cancers are able to removed via surgery.  Our goal is to have the best possible outcome for you and your pet within your budget and comfort zone.  Please call our office and schedule a consultation for more information on any of these therapies and how we may be able to help your pet.


We offer several forms of all-natural immunotherapy products to help educate the immune system and better enable it to attack cancer cells without harming your pet.  Veterinary Immune tabs come in several types for different patients, including a line specially formulated for cancer patients.  See their website for more information - https://ramaekersnutrition.com...

SanaWave - Radio Frequency Hyperthermia

We recently added the 7th SanaWave therapy until in the US to our arsenal in order to assist in treating cancers that cannot be removed at the time of initial diagnosis or that are in areas/organs where they cannot be removed at all.  This treatment is non-invasive and low stress for our patients and can be used for much more than just cancer care.  http://innovarius.co.uk/servic...

Nutritional Therapy

We have access and knowledge regarding many diets and supplements to help our cancer patients as well.  Please schedule a consultation for more information on these products.

Ozone Therapy

Ozone therapy has been used by veterinarians as well as a way to attack cancer cells in the body.  It can be used for internal or external cancers and has also been used to control infections and tissue damage in large wounds in our practice.

Autologous Cancer Vaccine

Certain types of tumors can be removed and submitted to a laboratory to have a vaccine made and given to the pet to help prevent recurrence and spread of the cancer.  Please contact us if this is something you are interested in learning more about as this procedure must be scheduled before the mass removal surgery is performed and special steps must be taken to preserve the tissue samples properly.