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Spaying And Neutering Myths

Animals who have been spayed or neutered get fat and lazy.
Sterilizing an animal does decrease his or her metabolic rate; however the procedure does not cause them to become fat or lazy. A diet appropriate to their life cycle and age should be fed and this may require a change in feeding habits. Your pet should also be given plenty of appropriate exercise.

Males don't need to be neutered because they aren't the ones having litters
One un-neutered male can impregnate hundreds of females in the time it takes one litter of puppies or kittens to be born. Studies show that the majority of dog bites are made by intact, untrained male dogs.

Females need to have one litter before being spayed
There is no medical information to support this. Some people will not spay or neuter because they think it would be nice for their pet to have puppies or kittens.

Sterilization is cruel
Spay and neuter procedures are done under general anesthesia and pain relief management is started immediately. Most pets are up and walking about within a short time following the procedure.

Preventing animals from having litters is unnatural
We have created pet overpopulation. We now have the responsibility to solve it.

Neutering male cats can cause urethral obstruction which can lead to death
There have been many studies done that disprove that neutering causes urethral obstruction.

Spay/neuter is unnecessary for purebreds because they are in great demand.
One out of every four animals brought to animal shelters is a purebred.

Pets lament their lost capability to reproduce
Dogs and cats nurse their young for a few weeks, teach them to behave like dogs and cats, and then go on about their lives.