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Wellness Exams And Preventative Medicine

Regular Health Examinations

Your pets physical exam is important!

Animal Hospital of Tiffin is dedicated to the proper care of your pet. Through education, preventive care, and careful management of medical needs, we will help you enjoy your pet for as many years as possible.

Our pets can't tell us where they hurt or how they are feeling. They are often good at masking their pain. A regular physical exam along with careful discussion with the client allow us to detect abnormalities and uncover disease. Early detection and treatment are essential in prolonging and improving your pet's quality of life. Early diagnosis may mean the difference between success and failure in the treatment of disease.

Many symptoms may appear harmless, but changes in weight or appetite may signal liver, kidney or heart problems. Lumps or bumps under the skin may be cancerous. Ear infections and abcessed teeth are both painful and common, but may not be noticed by the owner until well advanced. Regular health exams are the basic tool our doctors use to evaluate your pet's health status and to help you make informed decisions about your pet's care. This is also a time for your veterinarian to make recommendations with regard to nutrition, exercise, weight control and hygiene. Your veterinarian will take this opportunity to discuss with you the latest developments and recommendations regarding pet health care and treatment. This is also your opportunity to ask any questions you may have about your pet's health and behavior.

What happens during a Regular Health and Wellness Exam

A Wellness Exam is a complete hands-on assessment of your pet's health status. During your pet's exam we measure weight and respiration, and examine eyes, ears, mouth, heart, lungs, abdomen, skin, lymph nodes, nervous system, external genitalia and gait. Throughout the evaluation, the doctor will discuss with you your pet and listen to your concerns and questions.

Vaccines are administered at the yearly wellness exam. Each pet's vaccine record is reviewed along with their lifestyle (indoor vs outdoor, travel history, frequency of boarding or grooming, etc.) to determine the appropriate vaccination protocol for your pet. For more information on the vaccines available and recommended at Animal Hospital of Tiffin, click here.

Yearly Heartworm Testing is generally conducted during this regular health exam. At Animal Hospital of Tiffin, we recommend that prevention be given 12 months of the year to protect against heartworm disease with the recommendation for a yearly blood test. Treatment for heartworm disease is quite costly when compared to the relatively inexpensive monthly prevention that is easy to give. For more information about our heartworm test and prevention, click here.

Fecal or stool analysis is also recommended once a year at the time of the Wellness exam. Examining the stool sample microscopically is very important for early detection of diseases such as roundworms, hookworms, whipworms, tapeworms, coccidia, and giardia, not only for your pet's health but also for your family's. By detecting and treating intestinal parasites early, we can prevent them from becoming clinical disease.

Good Health for your Pet may Include Periodic Blood Testing

Early detections and treatment is essential for your pet's long and healthy life. A Blood Chemistry Screen or Complete Blood Count can pick up a problem before it's caught on physical exam. Early detection of diabetes, kidney and liver disease, as well as metabolic imbalance, is possible with blood screening. We also use blood tests to monitor levels and efficacy of various medications we use for treating chronic diseases such as seizures, hyperthyroidism, or diabetes, or to monitor for adverse reactions from certain medications. For more information about our available lab work, visit Advanced Diagnostics.

Detecting and Managing Disease Conditions

Pets with disease conditions require more intense monitoring than healthy pets. Medical technology changes frequently and visiting your veterinarian regularly ensures that your pet is receiving up-to-date care. It goes without saying that a physical exam is important anytime you suspect a problem. If you observe any of these signs, please call us to schedule an appointment:

  • Weight gain or loss
  • Stool or urine accidents
  • Increase in sleep or restlessness
  • Fatigue
  • Breathlessness
  • Coughing
  • Difficulty walking or moving
  • Frequent vomiting
  • Poor appetite
  • Increase in thirst or urination
  • Bad breath
  • Dull,flaky hair coat
  • Lumps or bumps
  • Foul odor
  • Behavior change
  • Crying or whimpering

Flea and Tick Prevention

We recommend year-round flea and tick prevention. In our region we have seen cases of fleas every month of the year. Preventing fleas from getting on your pet is much easier and less expensive than trying to get rid of the fleas once they have made their way into your house. Fleas also carry tapeworms and can cause severe skin disease in affected animals as many animals are allergic to the flea saliva.

Ticks come in all shapes and sizes. Some are easy to see once they are engorged, others are not. Each type of tick carries different, deadly diseases. Many of these diseases are transmissible to both humans and animals. It is important to keep pets on tick prevention, especially those that spend a lot of time outdoors. Once a tick is attached, it can be difficult to remove and can be transmitting diseases. We have products that both repel ticks and kill them once they jump on your pet. Our yearly heartworm test also tests for 3 different tick borne diseases. If any of these diseases are detected, we will begin your pet on therapy right away before they begin to show signs, as these diseases can be life-threatening if not caught in time. To see more about the products we offer, please click here.