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Soft Tissue Surgery

Feline Declaw
We offer declaw surgery for our feline patients. This surgery is typically done in conjunction with spay or neuter, but can be done as a separate procedure as well. We recommend cats be done earlier in life, as they recover faster and with less chance of complications than adult cats. We offer this surgery with the surgical laser as it greatly reduces bleeding and pain post surgery, especially in adult cats. All cats receive pain medications and multiple therapeutic laser treatments with this procedure as well. Declaw patients will stay with us for 2 nights following surgery to ensure exercise restriction, as well all know how hard it is to keep a happy kitten quiet. If you are concerned about putting your cat through this surgery, we can discuss non-surgical options with you as well to help you and your cat live well together.

Mass/Tumor Removal

Here at Animal Hospital of Tiffin, we perform mass removals of all shapes and sizes. With the surgical laser, we can control bleeding and swelling in areas of the body and with certain tumors that would otherwise present a challenge. We can tailor the surgery to fit your pet and always strive for a cosmetic outcome. We can remove masses that are cancerous or benign and send masses to a pathologist for further examination when needed. Masses are removed under general anesthesia with full anesthetic monitoring and heated recovery. We tailor our anesthetic and surgical plan to your pet based on medical conditions, such as heart or kidney disease. Your pet will have stitches after surgery and will spend at least one night with us following a mass removal. Depending on the location of the incision, your pet may go home with an e-collar (cone) to prevent licking of the incision. Sutures are removed after 2 weeks and all patients are sent home with pain medications.

Aural (Ear) Hematoma

Cats and dogs can rupture blood vessels in their ear pinnae that leads to swelling of the outside of the ear with blood and serum. This is most often secondary to an ear infection or rough-housing with other pets. This requires surgery to drain and repair, which we offer. Pets are sedated and a small drain is placed into the ear along with a bandage to keep the ear collapsed and allow the ear to heal cosmetically. Not correcting this condition will result in an ear abscess or a cauliflower ear that is irreparable.

Anal Gland Removal

We have the tools and the expertise to removal anal glands from both dogs and cats. This surgery is recommended for pets that have a history of painful, impacted, infected, or ruptured anal glands. Removing the anal glands completely will prevent these problems from recurring. By using the surgical laser for this procedure, we are able to control bleeding and swelling in the area following surgery. Call us today to schedule a consultation for your cat or dog with anal gland disease!

Perineal Urethrostomy (PU)

When male cats have repeated urinary blockages, we recommend surgical intervention, which involves rerouting the urethra to avoid the most narrow portion, which is where they frequently become blocked. This is a delicate surgery, and one that Dr. Bob has been performing since 1976 with great success. This surgery can allow male cats to live more normal lives and prevent repeated urinary blockages.