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New clients receive 15% OFF their first visit. * *Office Visit-Exam Only (does not apply to any additional services, vaccines, medication, etc.)



The doctors at Animal Hospital of Tiffin feel very strongly that good dental care for your pet is an important part of their overall health plan. For that reason we strive to keep our cost lower so that your pet can benefit from having their teeth cleaned on a yearly basis. Your pet is carefully monitored during the procedure to insure their safety. Be sure to check with us about the price of our dental cleanings.

Also know that when we test for Blood parasites we are not just testing for heartworms. We are testing for 4 types of blood parasites that can be harmful toyour pet.

These specials on oral and topical flea and heartworm products are available to you through our office now. Specials are not available thru on-line pharmacies.